Pros and Cons of Using Fiberglass for Insulation


A lot of people nowadays are interested in making sure that their houses are properly insulated. One of the most commonly used materials for this is fiberglass. This was of course a material found quite by accident by Dale Kleist. Following his initial discovery he moved towards refining his discovery and making it a very hardy material to be used in a lot of things. Fiberglass is used in things like building boats, shower curtains, roofs etc. The use of it is quite vast. Its use as an insulation material is just one of the many things it is used for. Now fiberglass has of course a lot of advantages attributed to it but it also has some negative attributes as well. We shall take a look at both sides of the coin for this reason to see whether it is a good option or not.
One of the biggest advantages of fiberglass as for thermal insulation is that it comes at a very low price. So it is likely to be a better option if you are on a bit of tight budget and want to get the job done as soon as possible. Another plus factor is that most manufacturers seal the material using plastic which reduces the chance of you getting affected by the dust in the installation process of the material and also provides it with a good vapor barrier. Regardless of this always wearing the proper safety equipment is of the utmost importance. So just because you buy sealed batts does not mean that you are not required to wear a mask while installing the material. Fiberglass is also not susceptible to any attack from insects as it does not provide them with any sustenance. Furthermore it is said that as fiberglass uses a lot of recyclable material hence it would seem that it is very ecofriendly as well.
Although that is true this is a material that needs a lot of energy to produce so in a way using it isn’t really making that much of a positive impact on the environment as people are led to believe. There is also a lot of health risks involved in using fiberglass for thermal insulation. Coming into contact with it in the slightest on your skin can cause skin irritations and inflammation. Moreover inhaling it is supposed to because you a lot of lung related injuries and some even believe could lead to cancer. The latter of course is still a matter up for debate as it is yet to be conclusively proven. But all in all by using fiberglass you are opening yourself and your family up to some possible health risks. Ambient Insulation offers quality residential and commercial insulation installation. 
So it is up to you to decide whether you want to take the risk or not. I can merely show you the basic pros and cons of using fiberglass. If you would like please do some research before you decide no need to take me for my word.

Things To Remember If You Are Working In Construction

The joys of the job

Working in construction can be a very rewarding as well as challenging job. You would be required to work long and irregular hours and often in inclement weather conditions. However, the hardships might prove to be bearable, as you would have a job that constantly challenges you as well as keeps you occupied. Further, you will always be learning a lot of new things on the job and thus you are sure to not suffer from boredom. Further, you will have the opportunity of meeting new people and working a wide range of different projects. Finally, you will have the satisfaction of viewing your completed work and taking pride and joy in the house, office or any other building that you created. However, there are certain safety tips that you would have to keep in mind if you are to choose construction as your occupation.

Certain important safety tips

It is of paramount importance that you know the uses of the different tools, equipment and machinery that you would be using.You would also have to familiarize yourself with how to work each equipment or tool. This would keep you safe from hurting yourself by handling the tool in the wrong manner, as well as make sure that the tool is also preserved in good working condition. Further, you have to make sure that all the equipment you are using is in pristine condition. Malfunctioning equipment can well cause you a lot of harm. For example it is important that you get saw blade sharpening done before you use it. 

If you are using a blunt tool it would slow down your work as well as well as cause you to exert more pressure and thus tire yourself. Therefore, if it is blunt, it would be advisable to get the saw blade sharpening done without delay. Further, if you are going to be working in heights, it is important that you get sturdy scaffolding in place in order to prevent nasty falls and accidents. Moreover, it is important that you wear helmets and any other safety kit that is necessary. It is also indispensable that you have a first aid box at hand in case of an emergency or injury. Check this link for more reviews regarding blade sharpening services.

A gentle concluding reminder

Thus, it is very important to remember the various safety tips with relation to the construction work. As you will be working in an environment where you will be surrounded by sharp instruments, machines, vehicles, precarious positions and heavy equipment, it is very important that you take the necessary precautions to make sure that you are safe and protected from any possible injury or accident.