Caring You Lawn Of Soft Buffalo Grass

A lawn adds beauty to your house. Having a lawn in front of your home can make your home look gorgeous, green and sophisticated. Nowadays, most of the people make a lawn in front of their house. But they use artificial grass on their lawn, of which buffalo grass is one of the most useful and easy to maintain turfs.

We all know about the benefits of artificial lawn, now having buffalo grass on artificial lawn is really a good thing. Some people feel comfort walking on buffalo grass as they are very soft. Children also love to play on lawns of buffalo grass as there is no chance of getting harm while playing because of their soft quality. But to maintain the softness of the grass and to use your comfortable buffalo lawn for long, you need to care it.

Here are some tips on how to care a lawn of buffalo grass

What you need to do to keep the colour unchanged of your lawn of buffalo grass is fertilizing. A good fertilizer is needed to be applied on the grass at least thrice a year. If you do not do this, then your buffalo lawn will lose its colour, healthiness and so on. But be careful, because applying too much fertilizer can damage the grass. While purchasing the fertilizer remember one thing that there is no necessity of perusing a particular fertilizer for your particular buffalo grass as it will not serve no extra facility to the grass and is also highly expensive. For further information about turf supplies click this site.

If you spread a little iron chelate on the buffalo grass, then it remains good. Basically the buffalo grass needs iron in autumn and then if you are able to provide your lawn of buffalo grass iron then it will be a healthy diet for your lawn.

A routine mow is needed for the beautiful look of the buffalo grass. Regular mow reduces the chance of damage, thatch, risk of scalping and many more. On the other hand it increases the chance of growing new green soft leaves in the lawn.

There happens a certain disease on buffalo grass, known as brown patch. For this disease the leaves of the grass will have dark brown patches. In this case you need to aerate the whole lawn, then cut the diseased leaves by resuming fertilizing in that position and in the morning just water on the lawn.
Watering the lawn thrice in a day is a compulsory matter. It is because water reduces fungal diseases of the grass.

If you use wetting agents on the lawn, then there will be more scope to flow the water.

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