Hosting An Outdoor Party In Your Garden

If you are planning on hosting a party soon for your engagement or even your wedding and you are looking for a low cost place to have your function, why not consider having it in your own garden? Not only is a garden weddings low cost, they’re also beautiful and can give a better atmosphere and feeling to your party than a function hall that is likely to cost you ten times more. While there may be a few costs involved with having your party in your own garden it is not likely to be even half as close to the price it would cost to hire a function hall. A quick look online is likely to show you hundreds if not thousands of amazing garden party ideas that you can use. Some of the most common decorations used for garden parties are fairy lights and hanging fairy lamps.
Preparing for bad weather
Although having a garden party is an amazing idea, you will need to keep in mind that there is always a chance that there may be bad weather and you will need to prepare yourself in advance for such an occurrence. You may consider hiring out a tent or sail awnings that will be able to protect the main area of your party from possible bad weather.
While it is unnecessary to protect your entire garden from rain or bad weather because your guests can always move indoors in case of rain you will need to protect any areas where there is food or furniture that you will not be able to move in a hurry. For this requirement even small sail awnings will do. You will be able to hire these at a significantly small cost.
When deciding on your décor, consider having decor with lights as your party will likely be in the night. You may hang your lighting on your trees and plants that you have at your home so that you will not need to purchase any extra décor. Fairy lights if placed properly make the most beautiful outdoor decorations and in addition to this, you may consider having little lamps placed on every table lit by fire. Another amazing décor idea for an outdoor party are what are known as fairy dust jars that can be made in your own home. These jars have the appearance of fairies flying around inside of them and look absolutely stunning. Ideally for an outdoor party you will want to have finger food or cocktail type food served.

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