How to Upgrade Your Staircase


It seems like the only time that we truly notice or acknowledge a staircase is when it has an interesting design. Too often a flight of steps can blend into the rest of the house. You can change this by adding some character to your stairway. Instead of it simply leading from the downstairs to the upper floor, you can turn it into a work of art.

There are many different things that you can do to draw attention to your stairs. You often will not have to change too many aspects of it. Sometimes, simply putting in new wooden balustrades is enough to change the way that you view your staircase. Here are some ideas that you can use:

Use Alternate Lighting

Typically, there are light fixtures placed along the way that illuminate your staircase. There, however, is a new and innovative way that you can do this. Pick several interesting fixtures or even lamps and place them on the staircase banister. You can place one at the bottom of the stairs, near the landing, and at the top. With a little bit of creative wiring, these interesting fixtures will be lighting up your staircase. It is a great way to use antique lamps or light holders.

Change the Railing

One of the most noticeable aspects of a stairway is the railing. This is why making minor alterations to the railing, can entirely change its appearance. You can do something simple by simply changing the colour. You can also opt to have new wooden balustrades put in. There are many different designs available and in different colours as well. This will give you plenty of opportunity to play around with styles and choose something that makes that entire area pop.

Ditch the Carpet

For people with wooden stairs, it is a popular idea to place carpet on the stairs. If your carpet is getting old or you are simply looking for some new ideas, why not try paint? Instead of having an actual carpet runner, you can paint one. Choose a pattern and colours that you like and you can paint a runner from the top to the bottom of all the stairs. In addition to being unusual, it will certainly be a lot easier to clean. It is a good idea to put on a protective coating to prevent the paint from fading or chipping too soon.

Your stairs can now become a conversation starter with these ideas. You don’t have to stick to some tried and true. You can, instead, go for something bold, daring, or at least a little different.


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