Methods To Make Great Interior Without Spending


Upcycling is the newest trend in an increasingly worrisome world where trash just seems to accumulate without an end. Upcycling is an ingenious and self-satisfying ways you can give your brain a workout along with giving a boot for interior décor without spending any money. So here are some methods you can think of adding to your house to increase the greens and also maybe tweak a bit to get your creative genius going.

Green centerpieces

This center piece is amazing to have in your porch or in your yard for a picnic. You just need used smaller pots which can fit inside used bigger pots with a two or three inch gap between the radiuses of the two pots inside the planter boxes. You will fill the gap between the bigger and the smaller ones with fertilizer and plant your herbs, cacti or flowering plants in this part. Then you will fill the smaller pot with decorative gravel and fit a candle and a glass lamp (wine glasses broken off at the stem would work too) into the part. So you will have natural flowers with a glass circling the candle (perfect for wooing a special someone or giving a party for a family member). The effect is greater if you place the DIY décor into planter boxes.

Broken bicycle concept

If you have your old broken bicycle at home and have no idea what to do with it because you can’t fix it or give it away to someone, then consider turning it into a decorative flower bicycle to be placed at your porch. You can run a flowering vine with the roots on the bicycle basket or just have the traditional basket full of flowers by the handle bars and then at the back of the bicycle. If you plant a rose bush you will get really good jaw dropping moments and appreciative comments about the garden statues. Roses need a bit of care for maintenance like regular watering, fertilizing and soil loosening and other  steps so if you do not have time for such things then invest in sweet pea, gerberas and other low maintenance but multiple flowering occasion plants.

One of the pet peeves of vine and climbers lovers is that when you run them through the gate, wall and other construction, there is always the issue of roots digging too deep and actually affecting the construction it is calling home. So one of the newest findings is using old bird cages as vine climbers and since you can twist the new buds around the steel to make it go inside the birdcage or just run all over it, you can have a cage full of flowers in the end.


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