Reasons Why A Drainage System Will Get Block

None of us even like to hear that our drainage system is blocked. This will cost us a little to bring it back to normal status. But most of the times it is our wrong doings and ignorance that make these systems blocked. So, precaution is best rather than having them seeing blocked and others around you finding it difficult to carry on. Here are some reasons why this may happen to you too.

Don’t let your kids drop toys into the commode

If you have little kids who have started walking all over the house, you have to keep an eye on them because there are a lot of dangers ahead for them. Sometimes they flush different things in your toilet and enjoy the sound and gush of water. If you are not aware of this, soon or now you will find your drain blocked and a heap of toys that disappeared re appearing again. So, before this happens keep your child away from flushing different objects and also don’t let them take toys into the bathroom. Some also tend to flush toilet paper rolls. This is not good for the system at all. So, keep separate bins in your bathrooms to dispose toilet paper and other items.

Food items and oily things

One of the most common causes that make the drainage system block is the things that you wash. Oil can bring a big damage to this since it will block any liquid passing through the pipes. Even though this may not occur all of a sudden with time it will. You need to be mindful about the things that you normally wash especially when it’s all oily substances. Also if you normally wash plates with little bits of food on it, these items get collected in the pipes and will block further liquids passing through. Once this happens, you will have to get a plumber in Brisbane South to fix all these issues in your water system.

So, if you can be careful with what you wash away, you can prevent the risk of your drains getting blocked and also spending money and time with a plumber.
When trees shed their leaves

You may experience this once its autumn where the whole environment is brownish and leaves everywhere. Most of us clear all these leaves from our garden just to keep our land neat and tidy. Do you just even think about the leaves that fall to your gutters? Most of us don’t. But these leaves play another role in blocking our drainage systems. With time once it keeps on collecting an amount of leaves you will find problems regarding the blockage. It is best to clear these gutters as well when you are clearing your gardens. Not only autumn, but occasionally you can clean them to make sure it doesn’t affect your water systems.

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